Castr0Fitness Goal

The goal of Castr0Fitness is to transform your body into the physique you desire, through the use of science based training techniques and nutrition planning. Not only do Castr0fitness athletes acheive their ideal physiques, they are taught how to apply the information provided to further progress in their fitness and health goals for the remainder of their lives.

Who is David Castro?

I am currently a natural bodybuilder, personal trainer and online coach studying Fitness and Health Promotion at Humber College. I plan to earn various personal training certifications within the next several years. I come from a soccer playing background as I dedicated about 4 years of my life playing competitively. After deciding to end my short playing career at 17 years of age my friends introduced me to resistance training and I havn't looked back since. Over the last three years I have dedicated most of my free time to understanding and applying the fundamentals of resistance training and nutrition. Over this three year period I have witnessed the positive impact of resistance training on my physique and overall quality of life. In September 2018, I decided to found Castr0fitness with the desire to not only provide people results, but educate them on the methods I use in order for them to continue reaching their goals. I started off working with friends and family members and have gradually grown my clientele to co-workers, classmates and individuals who have discovered my services online. I hope to continue to expand my knowledge on exercise science and nutrition in order to grow Castr0fitness to it's fullest potential.